Restorative Justice Program

The Goal is to provide diversion and/or deferral from court options for Anishnawbek. 

Recognizing that people are responsible for their actions, Restorative Justice provides an opportunity for people to address physical, mental, emotional or spiritual harm they experienced or are responsible for in ways that seek to repair the harm. 

Provides opportunities for participatory decision making and where appropriate, facilitate dialogue between people who harmed others and those that were harmed. The program strives to reintegrate everyone back into the community. 

This is a completely voluntary process. Those that commit the Harm and those that were harmed need to consent, in order to participate in Restorative Justice. 

Restorative Justice processes can occur at all stages of the criminal justice system, from pre charge diversion through to post sentencing and post release from custody in appropriate cases. 

Contact the Restorative Justice Coordinator 

John Vallely 

705-692-3651 ext 233 

Restorative Justice Workshop

Password: ZJ#Y&2re

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