Atikameksheng Anishnawbek recognizes that to achieve economic independence for future generations, we must build capacity and expertise to ensure profitable and sustainable sources of ongoing revenue.  This capacity can be best built quickly by partnering with established experts in the areas of business that are determined to be a desirable fit with our long term goals and traditional values for sustainable economic development.

To date, two Band owned businesses have been set up:

  1. Bagone’an JS Drilling Inc. was incorporated in January 2019 between Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and an experienced exploration diamond drilling contractor, Jacob & Samuel Drilling Ltd. In May 2019 Bagone’an won a multi-year exploration drilling contract from KGHM, further work has been secured with KGHM through change order and is expected to secure further work in the next round of bidding. Bagone’an is in the process of securing work with Vale.
  2.  Eshkaa Niibiish-Day Inc. was incorporated in April 2019 with Day Group. Eshkaa Niibiish-Day Inc. was created to provide transportation and aggregate extraction services for the upcoming ENDM project “Long Lake rehabilitation”. Since then an amendment to the agreement has been made to incorporate additional work, including a contract which has been secured with KGHM for PAG Pad work in the summer of 2021.

Two more Band owned businesses are in advanced development stages.

Mining Industry Agreements


An “Advanced Exploration Agreement” was signed with KGHM in November 2014 which provides annual revenues while in the exploration stage and an IBA will be negotiated when Victoria Mine goes into production; the Agreement also provides commitments to employ qualified Members and provides contract procurement advantages to qualified Member-owned and Band owned businesses


A Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) was signed with Glencore in December 2017 which provides annual revenues  as well, the MoU also provides commitments to employ qualified Members, and provides contract procurement advantages to qualified Member-owned and Band owned businesses


A Relationship Agreement (RA) was signed with Vale in December 2018 which provides annual revenues plus an additional $10K annually in scholarships to Members. The RA also provides commitments to training and employment for qualified Members; it also provides contract procurement opportunities to qualified Member owned, and Band owned businesses.

MacDonald Mines

An MoU was signed with MacDonald Mines in May 2019 for the exploration phase of the “Power Line” and “Jovan” projects.  Royalties will be paid when/if advanced exploration begins.

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