Community Physical Activities Program

The goal of the program is to build and empower members to further develop their holistic and healthy lifestyle. 

Recognizing that people are responsible for their own health improvements the Community Physical Activities Programmer will create physical activity opportunities for members to access. 

“Challenge by Choice” is the process.

As part of the health department, we focus on a number of our programs on Identity and Culture. We try to meet the interests of our membership by providing opportunities to develop and reinforce identity and culture in our programming. 

This program has Strategic Directions to meet these needs:

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Improve mental wellness and reduce addictions
  • Cancer awareness
  • Keeping seniors in the community near family
  • Community events and activities
  • Administrative duties
  • Communication duties
  • Governance
  • Training and development

Activities are programmed so that our members can explore our territory with activities like canoeing and hiking, archery, maple syrup harvesting, fall harvest, etc to name a few. Knowing your territory is part of Identity.

Transportation services to and from these activities may be available.

Programs are reviewed and statistics generated to justify continuing or discontinuing programs.

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