Wellness – Mental Health, Addictions & Traditional Health

Will facilitate topics of mental health and addictions for the community’s education and awareness that allows people in the community to see how to remove barriers and choose a healthy lifestyle.

Cultural and/or western-based methods most appropriate in the education of the community.  Traditional and seasonal celebrations will be utilized and aligned with healthy lifestyle choices.


  • Assist individuals/families through case management model (intake, assessments and develop a plan of care)
  • Provide one on one counselling
  • Develop and facilitate therapeutic support groups
  • Complete necessary referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis intervention and support


  • Workshops and information session relating to Mental Health and Addiction such as
    • Anger Management
    • Responsible Gambling Strategy
    • Harm Reduction
  • Assist with Community Events
  • Individual / Family Activities/Events such as
    • National Addiction Awareness Week
    • National Family Week
  • Cultural/Traditional Activities such as
    • Medicine Picking
  • Coordinate Traditional Practices/Activities such as
    • Ceremonies
    • Traditional Healer Visits
    • Teachings
    • Medicine Picking

Wellness Coordinators can be reached at

(705) 692-3651 
Ext. 223 (Mental Health)                    
Ext. 250 (Addictions)

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