Family Well-Being Program

The Family Well-Being Program is designed to improve the outcomes and opportunities for children and youth by using holistic, community-driven approach that keeps child connected to their families, communities, and culture through programming.

The program is prevention focused, community-led and will address the root causes of violence and trauma.  The objective is to reduce the over-representation of Indigenous children and youth in child welfare and youth justice systems.

Core Program Components

Family Well-Being Worker

Atikameksheng has a designated resource worker to support the community.

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces are created for Indigenous child, youth and family members to gather and support prevention and early intervention efforts. One on one support, family circles, gatherings, and ceremonies are examples of programs and services provided by the Family Well-Being Worker conducted in areas identified as safe places.

Community-Based Programming

Culturally safe programming is delivered for Indigenous children, youth and families who have experienced or are at risk of violence.  The programming is designed to suit the needs of each individual Anishinabek Nation community and what the community is interested in learning. The Family Well-Being Worker brings traditional knowledge to the forefront of the community so that the knowledge can be continued on for generations to come. Programming such as land-based learning activities and traditional crafting workshops are examples of the programming provided through the Family Well-Being Worker. 

Program Updates

May 2021 Update

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