Child and Youth Program

The Child and Youth Worker provides effective, productive and safe programming for children and youth of the community by planning, implementing and evaluating fun and exciting programs for the youth.

The program worker plans prevention programs along with the Health Programmers that will have a positive impact on children and families in living a healthy lifestyle. The Child and Youth Worker considers the following when designing a program while working with health professionals, Education and Social Service Professionals and outside agencies;

o          Drugs and Alcohol prevention

o          Leadership training/Youth empowerment

o          Traditional and Cultural programming

Recruitment of volunteers to assist with youth programming is encouraged when planning and engaging youth programming with other target groups of the community, elders, children, adults.

The Child and Youth Worker operates the Youth Centre ensuring the centre is open in the evenings and weekends. The worker works with the youth in planning programs and will also

The age category for this program is 7—21 years of age.

Please contact: Child and Youth Worker (705)-692-0670

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