Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP)

Our CCP has been updated and approved at the June 8th, 2020 Band Meeting.

Comprehensive Community Plan

Approved by Council June 2020

Atikameksheng Community Story

December 2019

Comprehensive Community Planning is looking ahead at least 10 years.

  • Imagining the future we want
  • Honestly assessing what is happening now and what needs to change
  • Developing the actions needed to get us from where we are now to where we want to go

We will be hosting community sessions because we want to hear from you; that is, how to make life better for you and for everyone else. So obviously, we need to hear from you. What is happening with you? Where do you want to go in your life? What do you need? We can’t develop the community without the community.

And we are going to talk about our Nation. What do we want it to mean to be a citizen of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek? What do we imagine our Nation to be like in the future we want?


Chapter One: Recovering Language, Historical Memory, and Cultural Foundations

Chapter Two: Health and Wellness

Chapter Three: Social and Community Development

Chapter Four: Prosperity Development

Chapter Five: Lands and Environmental Stewardship

Chapter Six: Life-Long Learning

Chapter Seven: Infrastructure Development and Management.

Chapter Eight: Governance

Chapter Nine: Public Sector Management.

Topics discussed:

What is happening now:

  • With our children, youth, and families
  • In the life of our men, our women, our elders
  • In terms of the well-being of our people
  • In our economic life
  • In our spiritual and cultural life
  • In our political life
  • In our relationship with the land and the natural environment
  • In our relationship among our members, wherever they live
  • In our relationship with the wider non-Indigenous community

What happened in the past:

  • In each of these areas (children and youth, families, men and women, social life, cultural and spiritual life, economic life, political life etc.)
  • What can we learn from that past?

What needs to happen in the future:

  • In order for life to be good for everyone

CCP community engagement sessions will also be held in our community and in other centres with large populations of our members. As well, there will be opportunities to participate in online sessions. Stay tuned to our events calendar for dates.

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