Local Businesses

Al’s Recycling

Albert Thibeault


ASA Services

Shelley Edwards


Cars, Heavy Equipment Mechanic & Welding Services

Chris Fraser

403 Felix Crescent, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-0612

Coralee’s Catering

Coralee Naponse, Owner

21 Reserve Road, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-9153

Grassrootz Café

Jeff & Dolores Naponse, Owners

17-b Reserve Road, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-3314

Lakeview Variety

Patricia Miller & Patrick Nootchtai

15 Reserve Road, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-5358

Napco Wood & Steel

Bob Naponse, Owner

624 Gabode Drive, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-698-2011

NISH Scon, Crisp and Seasoning

Pam Naponse-Corbiere


Nootch’s Logging/Equipment Rentals and Construction Services

Andrew Nootchtai

705 692 5338

Nootchtai/Nadjiwon Catering Services Inc.

Sandra Nootchtai and Stephen Nadjiwon, Owners


Ojibway Canoe Wilderness Adventure

Ojibway Canoe Wilderness Adventure Tammy Naponse, Owner/Guide

11 Reserve Road, Box 335, Naughton, ON P0M 2M0 705-863-1110 http://www.ojibwaycanoe.com/

Saboa Cleaning Services

Anthony Nootchtai

705-806-4721 https://www.saboainc.com

Sage Management Solutions / TLC Landscaping Services

Suzanne Shawbonquit, Owner

705-692-1064 705-692-1251

Seated Message Therapy by Frank & Julie

Frank & Julie Ozawagosh, Owner

125 Lakeshore Drive, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-3763

Simplified Decorative Solutions

Jeanne Naponse, Owner

16 Reserve Road, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-0354

Stan Saikkonen Upholstery

Stanley Saikkonen, Owner

507 Trailer Park Road, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-1044

The Little Smoke Shop

Andrew Nootchtai, Owner

13-B Reserve Road, Naughton, ON, P0M 2M0 705-692-7058

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