Our Team

The Atikameksheng Anishnawbek administrative body is dedicated to improving the lives of all its members. In total, we have 60 + full-time and part-time staff that are responsible for providing services in their respective programs to Atikameksheng Anishnawbek. Each staff member’s primary goal is to effectively carry out their programs while honouring the Vision and Value Statement of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek. Our services are categorized into five departments.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to forward any comments, questions, or suggestions that you may have regarding our programs and services. 


Lands and Economic Development

Planning and Infrastructure Administrative Assistant
Tiana Wabegijig-Jourdain
Mineral Development Officer
Saruna Kunwar
Community Development Officer and Acting Business Development Manager
Jeffrey Beaudoin
Community Centre Coordinator
Samantha Nootchtai
Economic Development Officer
Jordan Cheechoo
Environmental Coordinator
Robert Paishegwon
Lands Manager
Lori Richer
Natural Resources Coordinator
Thomas Assinewe
Lands Management Technician
Shannon Gonawabi

Housing & Infrastructure

Director of Housing and Infrastructure
Gary Naponse
Asset Maintenance Worker
Blake Naponse
Parks and Recreation Worker
Devin Morningstar
Public Works Manager
Darin Migwans
Water Distribution Operator
Shawn Petahtegoose
Asset Maintenance Worker - Infrastructure
Mike Duhamel
Landfill Attendant
Matthew Solomon
Community Energy Champion
William Ransom
Administration Assitant
Joanne Bendick
Housing Manager
Vivian Naponse
Housing Assistant
Michelle Elliott
Housing Asset Maintenance Worker
Jason Nebenionquit

Political Office

Director of Governance & Special Projects
John Vallely
Strategic Advisor
Paula Naponse
Community Consultation Lead
Ashley Taylor
Communications Coordinator
Shawn McLaren
Executive Assistant to Gimaa
Montana Geauvreau
Executive Assistant to the Director of Governance & Special Projects
Lauretta Miller

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Administration

Chief Executive Officer
Paula Robinson
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
Emalie Watt
Human Resource Assistant
Nathalie McLeod

Finance and Administration

Chief Financial Officer
Cheryl Conway
Finance Manager
Teresa Migwans
Information and Membership Clerk
Wanda McQueen
Accounting Clerk
Tiffaney Audette
Darlene Paquin

Education and Social Services

Director of Education and Social Services
Darlene Shawbonquit
Education & Social Services Administrative Assistant
Brandy Wabegijig
Education Coordinator
Kimberly Nootchtai
Family Well-Being Manager
Amanda Wabegijig
Band Representative
John Miller
Child & Family Services Manager
Janice Petahtegoose
Family Advocacy Manager
Rachel Pattison
Child & Youth Programs Centre Manager
Tammy Naponse
Child and Youth Worker
Darlene Ackerland
Family Well-Being Worker
Child and Youth Worker
Samantha Budge
Healthy Babies Healthy Children Worker
Beverly Belanger
Family Well Being Worker
Megan Espaniel
Family Support Worker
Michelle Beaudry
Band Representative
Tina Nootchtai
Case Aid Worker
Travis Pitawanakwat
Healthy Babies Healthy Children
Sarah Shawbonquit
Education Support Worker
Tim Saikkonen
Miijiim Support Coordinator
Lori Nootchtai
Education Support Worker
Emilly Kewais
Oshkaabewis (Helper)
Brandon Petahtegoose
Child and Youth Worker
Vacant -Child & Youth Worker
Mary Fraser
Elder in Residence
Joan Elliott

Health and Community Wellness

Director of Health and Community Wellness
Carmen Wabegijig-Nootchtai
Community Health Nurse
Marina McComber
Health Services Clerk
Darlene Geauvreau
Patient Transportation Driver
Don Paishegwon
Wellness Coordinator – Mental Health
Wellness Coordinator - Addictions
Jennifer Brideau
Restorative Justice Coordinator
Home Care Manager
Lisa Groulx
Health Programs Manager
Deborah Dumontelle
Health Services Manager
Rose Messina
Case Manager/Systems Navigator Jordan's Principle
Perry Ashawasegai
Personal Support Worker
Miranda Green
Health Administration Assistant
Nithya Joseph
Patient Transportation Driver
Donald Paishegwon
Personal Support Worker
Tina Pahpeguish
Personal Support Worker
Lori Sikala
Personal Support Worker
Sheri Assiniwe
Adult Day Programmer
Lindsay Fraser
Meals on Wheels Cook Assistant
Nekiiyaa Noakes

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